Unlimited Google Drive Storage

Unlimited Google Drive storage allows you to save all your important data, videos, photo, and music including documents. With unlimited storage, you can back up anything digital, anything you wish to backup to avoid losing important information.

Google account is different from a Gmail account. This allows you to enjoy all the advantages of a Gmail account with unlimited Google drive and unlimited Google photos.

Google Drive is highly secure, it has the highest level security, so your stored data is safe. You won’t worry about losing your data or someone gaining access to your data because it’s well protected.

Unlimited Google Drive Storage

Benefits of Google Drive Unlimited Storage

= > You can easily share uploaded files, data, documents, music, videos through Email addresses or other cloud storage.
= > This Google Drive Unlimited Storage account will be active forever.
= > You will have lifetime access.
= > You will never be charged $299/month.
= > You can access your account from anywhere around the world without any restriction.
= > This Google account gives you access to unlimited Google Drive storage
= > You can upload a single file of 5TB without encountering any problem
= > You can upload or store up to 5TB per single file
= > This is onetime payment, no extra or hidden fees.
= > You will enjoy the benefits of unlimited storage in all Google applications
= > You can share uploaded files through Email addresses.
= > You are allowed to share uploaded files to anyone.
= > Say goodbye to a monthly or annual payment.

How Do I Login?

After creating your Google account, you will receive the log in detail which you will use to login. You will get the username and password which you will use to access your Google account. The Email address is not EDU extension, the email address will be a custom domain name. You can easily change the password, add recovery email, and phone number. You will be in full control of your Google account.

It is highly recommendable to store your important files in a good and highly secured place. If you are interested in this Google Drive Unlimited Storage, place an order through the link below.
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October 11, 2019