Are you looking for a unique high-quality professional facebook cover video?

A Facebook cover video is good for your business, products, and services for marketing purposes.

I can create a Facebook Cover Video that Professionally Showcases…

  • Your Company or Organisations Logo
  • Website link
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Text

Professionally animated videos made for business, products, and services marketing purposes. Unique and creative design for your facebook business page.

Custom made a design that can be used to promote your products, services, websites, e-shops, apps…ANYTHING that matters to your social media presence!

The project can be used for (examples):

  • Company/Bussiness Presentation
  • Personal Website / Company Website / Service Advertising
  • Online Marketing/ E-Commerce Online Store
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Internet Marketing 
  • Animated Opener
  • Software Demo 
  • Blog/Vlog
  • Text animation Opener
  • Corporate Presentation
  • Business Presentation

Facebook cover videos recommendations:
-Video resolution: 820x462px (820x312px)
-Video duration: (minimum) 20s up to 90s (maximum)

You need to provide:

  • images, videos, logos
  • text descriptions for each scene
  • your audio file (free of charge/optional)

All styles include Dynamic Transitions and Effects to keep them Engaged in your Brand Message.

$20 Create a Facebook Business Page if you don’t already have one.